As Data Science comes into its own, data visualization plays an essential role in making sense of the billions of data generated daily. Data visualization helps tell stories by representing data in a way that is easier to understand, highlighting trends, outliers, and patterns. A good visualization tells a story, removing noise from the data and highlighting valuable information. Both data and visual elements must work together, and only the art of combining these elements generates an effective and efficient visualization.
Given the importance of Visualization in Data Science, in 2018, we decided to create the research group "Visual Data Science Lab" at the School of Applied Mathematics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, led by Professor Jorge Poco. Our group’s mission is to create techniques and tools that amplify humans’ analytical and cognitive capabilities through visual and interactive mechanisms.
Our research work balances automatic methods with human intervention to improve performance. We create interactive systems that aid the process of data exploration and analysis using automation based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, we seek excellence in impact publications in Computer Science and Data Science with applications to problems that affect our society. That is why our research projects have inter-, cross- and multidisciplinary groups.